The Journal of Juvenile Law & Policy is a biannual publication of the UC Davis School of Law that addresses the unique concerns of youth in the American legal system.

Initially a product of the creativity and activism of a small group of King Hall students, called the Advocates for the Rights of Children (ARC), the Journal has evolved into a dynamic organization committed to providing practical and timely information about current juvenile, family, and educational law issues. The goal of the Journal is to provide a forum for discussion and to encourage community awareness and involvement in legal issues affecting youth.

Current Issue

Volume: 20 Issue: 1

Table of Contents
Editor's Note
The 48-Hour Rule and Overdetention in California Juvenile Proceedings by Sue Burrell
Abandoning the Status Quo:
Towards Uniform Application of Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
by Gregory E. Catangay
Erasing “Gay” from the Blackboard:
The Unconstitutionality of “No Promo Homo” Education Laws
by Ronny Hamed-Troyansky
Recent Court Decisions and Legislation